Kind Words...


I love Robyn's yoga classes. Whether it's a large class or small or if you're new to yoga or been practicing for years, Robyn makes the class great for you. She's great at showing alternatives for poses and is always reminding us "This isn't a competition, it's your practice. Sarah P.

Robyn has an amazing capacity to quickly create a safe, trusting environment in which to work.  She makes it possible to talk about difficult (and sometimes painful) topics without losing that feeling of trust and safety.  I walk away from sessions with her feeling like I have tapped into an inner peace and strength...ready for anything.  Leslie S.

Robyn is a great teleclass leader. She offers alternative ways of looking at thoughts  and turnarounds that are very helpful. I highly recommend Robyn as a leader and role model for The Work. She has a great sense of humor as well. Thank you so much Robyn!  Donna L.

Robyn was a great help at a time in my life when there just seemed to be a lot going on. She helped me to look at everything and determine how to best prioritize those things that were most important to me. We all have very busy lives, and Robyn is great at helping you figure out how to give the right attention to the things that are truly important to you while not allowing other areas in life to fall off.  That is not an easy task without feeling overwhelmed. Robyn's caring nature, professional approach and honest feedback help accomplish that.  Bryan A.

Robyn is an incredibly warm and endearing person. Her passion for Life Coaching is immediately evident as is her genuine desire to help you achieve your goals and dreams. I encourage anyone looking to get ahead personally or professionally to speak with Robyn.  Curtiss C.

Robyn is a dynamic person who is passionate about The Work of Byron Katie. She was a great mentor for me in Byron Katie's certification program. I learned a lot about The Work and myself during the 6 months that I worked with her. Robyn really knows The Work in depth and applies it to her life on a daily basis.  Donna M.

Robyn entered my life at exactly the right time. I was at an all time low. What I love about working with Robyn is not only does she walk her talk, she’s also realistic about the challenge of life & change. She recommends small steps that feel right for you - creating a trusting place in which you can feel safe. Her dynamic & supportive approach makes you feel comfortable & held. Mixed with her caring nature, honesty, dedication & commitment, it’s the perfect cocktail. She won’t ask you to completely transform your life, although you may find that you do!  J.M.

I have really enjoyed working with Robyn and experiencing her nurturing and supportive ways. With the utmost of ease and kindness Robyn's guidance is rock solid and I would heartily recommend her services.   Karen G.

I'd never been on a Yoga Retreat before.  I was a bit nervous since I'm new to yoga.  Robyn was compassionate, attentive, supportive and kind.  I made new friends and learned more about myself in 7 days than I have in 45 years!  I will definitely go on another retreat with Mindfulness Yoga and Robyn!   

If you get a chance to do a workshop with Robyn - Do It!  She is a brilliant leader and offers her insight with grace and courage. You will not be disappointed.  As long as what you are seeking is the truth!  S. C.

Well-balanced and fun teacher
Robyn's teaching style is well balanced. She includes spiritual and centering directives and also does complete body movements and balancing activities. I always leave the class feeling better about myself and world.  Eleanor W. 

Just returned from a Yoga Retreat with Robyn.  It was amazing!  I can easily say this was the best trip of my life.  Robyn's care and attention to detail is evident. There was a perfect balance of yoga, free time, and group time and the food was amazing! I look forward to the next retreat! 

I took Robyn's teleclass: Speaking your Truth using The Work of Byron Katie.  Her patience, experience and personal participation in the class was authentic and refreshing!  I look forward to taking another class to deepen my experience in The Work!  Laura M.

I am impressed with Robyn's ability to get right to the heart of the matter and keep me focused on the topic.  She is compassionate and clear in her coaching style.  Jonathan S.

Thank you, Robyn for showing me the part of me that I wasn't able to see. You have a gift of clarity and wisdom! 2 sessions with you took me beyond a full year with my psycho-therapist!  I am definitely coming back for more.  A.C.

Robyn is a genuine, wise and very qualified Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie. She has the knowledge and experience to guide anyone through the simple yet profound way of questioning stressful thoughts. I've done The Work with Robyn many times and I highly recommend her.   Liz G.

Robyn has an amazing, intuitive ability to cut to the chase in a way that pushes you beyond where you think you can go.  I felt immediately empowered to take control of my life again.  Don't let her sweet demeanor fool you - she means business! N. L.

Robyn helped me gain insight and clarity into who I really am and helped me put my thoughts into action.  Lisa A.  

Robyn has an incredible ability to ask the right questions and provide immediate insight. She guided me to form my own conclusion and determine what actions I needed to take to make a change. Robyn also held me accountable for taking action and making that change. I really needed that push.  J. O.

I never had a Life Coach before and Robyn made me feel comfortable immediately. She asked thought provoking questions and encouraged me to take action.  I experienced results much quicker than I anticipated.  Thanks Robyn! Maria C.

Robyn is clear, honest, open minded and fearless in her communication while doing The Work. Anyone who wishes to have an experience with full integrity will find an extraordinary facilitator in Robyn. I highly recommend her.   Tania F.

​I've done both The Work and Coaching with Robyn for the past year. She has an amazing ability to bring both compassion and honesty to our sessions and I always feel safe knowing that she has my best interest at heart. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking clarity in their lives.  M.R.